Tantra Bondassage Elysium Practitioner

About Me

An exquisitely sensual experience

My name is Summer, and I have an insatiable lust for the best things that life has to offer, including delicious sensual pleasure. If you like to enjoy yourself with a refreshingly uninhibited, down-to-earth young woman, we should get together. 

What’s your pleasure? A wild night out? An even wilder night in? Cuddling on the couch with a sweet girlfriend? Spicy role play or BDSM session? I’m up for just about anything. 

A little about me: I’m a 30’s something, passionate, educated, well traveled woman who loves spending time with lovers of all genders. I live my life to the fullest and can never resist a new adventure. I take pride in my appearance, and I think you’ll like what you see.

Looking for something new? 

I’ve been learning some exciting new techniques: Tantric yoga, Bondassage,™ and Elysium.™ 

TANTRA is  an ancient physical and spiritual practice, developed to cultivate and channel divine erotic energy into pleasure and enlightenment.

Bondassage: Letting go is the ultimate power, and Bondassage is all about submission, exploration, and pleasure. Light bondage, sensory deprivation, esoteric bodywork, sensation play … it’s an incredibly sensual experience you won’t soon forget. 

Elysium is designed to bring you to previously unknown heights of bliss. This slower, softer version of Bondassage focuses on slow, connected bodywork and extraordinary touch, exciting all of the senses within a controlled state of relaxation.

On the practical end, please review my rates. (we don’t want to waste a single minute of our time together!) 

I so look forward to meeting you. . . .